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Summer of Selfies – Winners as of 7/7/14



Jul 14th, 2014


Fun. Sun. and Selfies.  That’s what we’re all about this summer!  People have been submitting selfies like crazy and the fun doesn’t stop yet — we’re picking wins all summer long! Submit your selfies and you could win a $75 Gift Card!
Get that pose ready and submit those selfies here –>







Dana Hallock + Olive - Waiting for the ceremony

Dana Olive




Amanda Martin + Lowman - The oh so fabulous Fish Face! #ACMESELFIE

Amanda L.




Anna + Martin + Hess - Fountain soda run #ACMESELFIE

Anna H





Me and Ollie - Me and Ollie

Anitta Dowdell









Auntie & Niece - Auntie – Eeww you smell that? Niece- It Stinks!

Gaudy C





Jamie Bobel - Summer Selfie

Jamie B





Jessie West - Pelican’s Snowballs! Blue bubblegum and egg custard with marshmallow…YUM!

Jessie W






Kaylee Kenyon - <3 <3 <3

Kaylee K







KJ - Get your summer on!

Kierra J






Regina Coughlin - Love you mom!

Regina C






Proud Mom! - My oldest graduating 8th Grade, ready for High School! Class of 2014

Samath C





Sean C - Fun in da sun #ACMESELFIES

Sean C





Stacy Godfrey - Let the games begin, may the odds be forever in your favor. Lizzy & Bella helping out with Special Olympics

Stacy G





Poison - Enjoying a sunny day!

Tynishia A

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