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The Wienermobile is coming!



Jun 23rd, 2014


The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is coming to a store near you! This is an iconic vehicle that only comes around once in a while. So where did the Wienermobile originate from? Back in 1936 Carl Mayer entered his Uncle Oscar’s office with a new advertising idea: a 13-foot long hot dog car that would travel the streets of Chicago and let everyone know about Oscar Mayer hot dogs. Since then the Wienermobile has been all of the country making a true piece of American history.

Today the Wienermobile stretches 27 feet in length, 8 feet wide, and 11 feet high. It has a Chevrolet W4 series chassis and a V-8, 6.0 liter engine. The inside of the vehicle has a hot dog shaped dashboard, seating for six in ketchup and mustard colored seats, a removable bun roof and has the Official Wiener Jingle horn.

The Wienermobile appearances will start in Delaware, work its way to Pennsylvania and then finish it’s ACME tour up at the shore in New Jersey. There will be Hotdoggers with fun activities, Wiener Whistles and vehicle tours. Please see the list of stores along with dates and times below.


7/2/2014 9:30AM-12:30PM 4720 Limestone Road Wilmington DE
7/2/2014 2:00PM-5:00PM 128 Lantana Drive Hockessin DE
7/3/2014 9:30AM-12:30PM 200 Blair Mill Road Horsham PA
7/3/2014 2:00PM-5:00PM 480 North Main Street Doylestown PA
7/5/2014 9:30AM-12:30PM 5300 West Baltimore Pike Cifton Heights PA
7/5/2014 2:00PM-5:00PM 124 Morton Ave Folsom PA
7/6/2014 9:30AM-12:30PM 785 Starr Street Phoenixville PA
7/6/2014 2:00PM-5:00PM 400 Simpson Drive Chester Springs PA
7/9/2014 9:30AM-12:30PM 3845 Bayshore Road Cape May NJ
7/9/2014 2:00PM-5:00PM 5300 Park Ave Wildwood NJ
7/10/2014 9:30AM-12:30PM 212 New Road Somers Point NJ
7/10/2014 2:00PM-5:00PM 3428 Simpson Ave Ocean City NJ
7/11/2014 9:30AM-12:30PM 11 South Dennis Road Cape May Courthouse NJ
7/11/2014 2:00PM-5:00PM 15 Avalon Blvd Cape May Courthouse NJ
7/12/2014 9:30AM-12:30PM 4454 Black Horse Pike Mays Landing NJ
7/12/2014 2:00PM-5:00PM 2087 Route 9 (Shore Road) Ocean View NJ
7/13/2014 9:30AM-12:30PM 4236 Harbour Beach Blvd Brigantine NJ
7/13/2014 2:00PM-5:00PM 425 Route 9 South Tuckerton NJ


You can also download the Wienermobile App which is free to help you locate the vehicle as well!

5 Responses to The Wienermobile is coming!

  1. charles sheridan 29/06/2014 at 11:04 am

    why not warminster i want a ride and a wiener wissel please

  2. Customer Care 29/06/2014 at 11:07 pm

    Hey there, Charles. This sure sounds like a lot of fun! I’ll be sure to let our marketing team know that you’d like to see the Wienermobile in your area. Also feel free to download the Wienermobile App via one of the links listed above. Have a good night! ~Cindy

  3. Lorraine 30/06/2014 at 9:16 am

    Conshohocken would love to see the Wienermobile. We don’t have an Acme anymore but we have our Annual Funfest in September!

  4. jacquilyn dudley 02/07/2014 at 9:16 am

    Please tell me if u r coming to Acme BrownsMills n.j.

    • Customer Care 02/07/2014 at 7:48 pm

      I’m sorry, Jacquilyn, but the Weinermobile will not be making an appearance at the Browns Mills, NJ store. The nearest location it will be stopping at is our location in Tuckerton, NJ on 7/13/14 from 2 to 5 PM. I hope you’re able to make it out! ~Marie

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