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Nov 19th, 2014

Cheese Banner

Cheese is something that almost everyone loves.  But, don’t let yourself fall into patterns of only trying your typical cheddar or monteray jack.  Don’t get us wrong; we LOVE all kinds of cheese, but we especially love busting out some really great, high-end specialty cheeses around the holidays.  And what better way to serve them than with a cheese board!  The board is your clean canvas, and the cheese and various accouterments to go with it are your paint.  

We asked several bloggers to “paint a picture” for us of what their ideal cheese board would be and the results? Delicious.  Try any of these out or try putting one together yourself!  Fortunately for you, we have a wide selection of specialty cheeses ready to be served on your blank canvas!


Coupon Karma’s Cheese Board

For this blogger, the focus was on the main attraction: the cheese!
Get the recipe here.

Coupon Karma


A Thrifty Mom’s Cheese Board

Here is her take on a simple, yet delicious, cheese board.
Get the recipe here.

A Thrifty Mom



Bargain Blessing’s Cheese Board

The love of cheese is strong in this blogger!
Get the recipe here.

Bargain Blessing


Deals in AZ’s Cheese Board

There’s a wide array of great flavors going on, on this board!
Get the recipe here.

 Deals In AZ


Giggles Galore’s Cheese Board

For this blogger, her flavors come through in the different cheeses!
Get the recipe here.

Giggles Galore


Living Rich’s Cheese Board

This cheese board is simple in execution and dynamic in flavor.
Get the recipe here.

Living Rich


Posh on a Budget’s Cheese Board

This blogger brought an adorable theme to her cheese board!
Get the recipe here.

Posh on a Budget



Queen Bee Coupons’ Cheese Board

This board is perfect for those who like a wide array of flavors to their cheeses.
Get the recipe here.

Queen Bee Coupons


Queen of Swag’s Cheese Board

For this blogger the theme is clear: Go big or go home.
Get the recipe here.

Queen of Swag

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