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Meatloaf Mondays



Nov 29th, 2014


Why does meatloaf get such a bad rap? It’s basically a large burger cooked into the shape of a loaf. That’s it. Take a look at the definition below.

 meat loaf


ground or chopped meat, usually beef, with added seasonings, molded into the shape of a loaf and baked.

Maybe if we just call it “Meat Dinner” everyone will dig in and forget that it was served in the shape of a loaf! Or, if you want to get fancy, try cooking up mini meatloaf’s. Just use a cupcake tin!

We’re here to turn your family into meatloaf lovers! Below are some great recipes that are sure to win them over.

Onion-Crusted Meatloaf with Roasted Potatoes

Get the recipe here.


Coca-Cola Meatloaf

Get the recipe here.


Sunday Supper Meatloaf With Roasted Vegetables

Get the recipe here.


Blue Ribbon Meatloaf

Get the recipe here.


Best Ever Meatloaf

Get the recipe here.


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