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Friends Association Giving Tree



Dec 18th, 2014

At Friends Association, they have a new program this year called Homeless Prevention Outreach. They are the only Family Shelter in Chester County that allows men and teenage boys, so that families can stay together. The shelter can house six families at one time with private rooms and bathrooms. They started this program to try to help keep the families intact until they are able to obtain a place in the shelter or secure housing. Since a lot of them either “couch surf” between friends and family members or live out of their cars, most of the children don’t get to have a Christmas. Here at headquarters in Malvern, PA, our associates wanted to help share the spirit of Christmas. The Friends Association of Chester County had supplied the office with a list of children’s names and what they were interested in.  The names were printed on tags and hung for all associates to to pick from. There were 27 children with three tags a piece. With in a matter of minutes, all 81 tags were selected by someone.

Today Robin Meixner, volunteer coordinator for Friends Assoc., came to pick up all the presents for the children and it was an emotional moment for all. We wanted to share some pictures of Robin’s visit and wish all the families in the area a very happy holiday season.

For more information on Friends Association and donation information please visit them at:



Friends Assoc. Gifts

The office staff and their gifts for the children of Friends Association’s Homeless Prevention Outreach Program


Robin Friends

President Jim Perkins and sales manager Cindi speaking with Robin Meixner about the program and the shelter.





Loading the presents into the van…and the van was jam packed by the end. 




Some more of the presents. We’re so grateful to be able to help provide gifts to children and families in need. 

Thank you Friends Association for letting us be a part of this!



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