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9 Lives of Avocado



May 31st, 2015

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The Avocado.  The tasty, green, super fruit that would leave a huge void in our dips if it never existed (Holy, Guacamole!).  But there’s more than meets the eye for the avocado.  Before, I thought avocados were great for three things:

  • Guacamole
  • Salads
  • Tacos

But was I ever wrong; not only are these bad boys rich in fiber and are packed full of healthy fats that assist with lowering your cholesterol, but the uses for them go far beyond your dip bowl.  Check out the 9 secret lives your avocados have been hiding from you, and how you can further their use:


Did you know that avocados are the perfect fruit for a delicious sauce for your pasta?  Seriously.  Take 3 ripe avocados, 2 cloves of garlic, 1/4 cup of olive oil, handful of fresh basil, a couple pinches of parmesan cheese, salt & pepper, throw it into your food processor and you have a creamy, rich sauce that will only make you feel like you’re indulging.  I call it “Avocado Pesto” and it’s life changing, people.


Want to up your dressing game?  Then start making your own with avocados!  This tasty dressing works great on salads, as a baste for chicken for grilling, or even better, this unbelievably good (and unbelievably easy) dish!

BLTA Pasta Salad
Get the recipe here.


Wanna try the Summer Avocado Dressing on something else?  Get the recipe for just the dressing here.


Spread on Toast

Trying to make healthier choices?  One of the hardest things for me to give up was butter.  But, I found new hope when I discovered that avocados are an excellent, creamy spread onto a warm piece of toast!  A perfectly ripe avocado will even melt a little on a warm piece of toast.  Sprinkle a little salt & pepper (I even sometimes like to add a little chili powder) and you have the best snack ever.

You can even make it more interesting with the
Yoga Instructor Toast!

Get the recipe here.


Base for Hummus

Hummus can take on many forms – garlic, roasted red pepper, kale, etc. etc. etc.  Instead of getting bored with your usual hummus, switch it up and add some avocado for a creamy, tasty base for hummus!  

Check out this pin for a tasty recipe.

Avocado Hummus


A little trick that will not only make your smoothies nutrient-rich, but also deliciously creamy? Avocados (duh)!  You’ll never have a smoothie without an avocado ever again.  Start with this smoothie recipe:

Emerald Energizer Smoothie
Get the recipe here.


Topper for Your Soup

Have a spicy tortilla soup?  The best thing to complement those flavors is…(drumroll)…an avocado!  The light, creamy flavor will taste great with the salt and/or spice from your soups!

Add It to Your Sandwich

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Avocado on a sandwich?  How original.”  But I’m not talking about just any sandwich; I’m talking about a great alternative to mayonnaise for your Tuna or Chicken Salad sandwiches.  A ripe avocado will mash perfectly, holding together your ingredients to give you a healthier version of your mother’s tuna salad sandwich.

Face Mask

Last, but definitely not least, avocados work great for a DIY Face Mask.  That’s right.  Your overly ripe avocados that you were about to toss?  STOP!  You’re about to throw away skin-nourishing nutrients that would make an excellent mask.  The good fats in the avocado are the perfect moisturizer for your face and leave your skin feeling refreshed and soft.

Green Tea Avocado Face Mask

Give this face mask a try!  Get the recipe here.

face mask

Did we miss something?  Tell us how YOU use Avocado in the comments!

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  1. geena 06/02/2016 at 8:48 am

    how about the avocado onion rings i recently saw on a website?? they looked delish!!!!

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