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Thanksgiving Planner: Simplify Homemade this Holiday Season

Elena Harrington


Nov 5th, 2015

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It’s time to plan the perfect homemade Thanksgiving meal! Whether you are hosting a large dinner party, or a festive brunch, we have all the tips you need to create the perfect holiday meal for family and friends.From menu planning to seating charts and décor ideas, these tips and recipes will allow you to be completely prepared for the holiday so you can enjoy it while putting on the perfect meal!

Two Weeks Ahead: Menu Planning

Decide what type of meal you want to create this Thanksgiving. Whether you are planning a classic meal or a more modern menu, having a quality base makes all the difference. Looking for the trick to the best pumpkin pie you’ve made this year? This simple Homemade Pumpkin Purée will transform the Thanksgiving staple! Bonus: this is a simple homemade hack that requires minimal effort with huge payoff. Your guests will want to know your secret ingredient!


For the perfect modern side dish, try these Green Bean Bacon Bundles! These grilled, bacon-wrapped green beans are a simple, unique holiday side or perfect served as an appetizer!

One Week Before: Get Organized

Minimize the dreaded holiday hassle by getting organized a week before Thanksgiving. Make lists to keep everything on schedule. Use this week to clean your home, begin decorating and plan your purchases, cooking techniques and strategy. This is the perfect time to set your holiday table and make your grocery list for the following week. Throughout all this planning, it is vital to stay energized and healthy for the upcoming week. Get enough sleep, drink lots of water and eat healthfully for optimal energy. Looking for an on-the-go, healthy snack or small meal solution? Try this festive, nutrient-dense Sweet Potato Pie Smoothie! Packed with fiber, this smoothie will keep you full throughout your errands and holiday planning!


The Monday Before: Décor & Grocery Shopping

Now that your menu is planned, focus on finalizing your décor. From your centerpiece to your place cards and menu cards, you can get creative or keep it simple! Looking for a chic take on natural décor? Spray paint pumpkins and pinecones gold and arrange with seasonal blooms from your local store for a gorgeous, easy table-scape sure to impress your guests!

Monday is the perfect time to purchase holiday meal ingredients and finalize any menu additions you’ve been inspired by over the weekend. Looking for a small hack with large payoff? Try this Citrus Spice Whipped Cream for an incredibly simple, delicious twist on the classic. Add to any dessert you’re planning for the perfect, zesty twist! Bonus: this homemade hack is the perfect way to add a unique touch to store bought desserts. Add it to after-dinner coffee for cream and sugar!


The Tuesday Before: Pie Planning

It’s time to prepare the pie! A Thanksgiving classic and staple, whether you are making pumpkin, pecan or cream pie, this Easy No-Roll Pie Crust is the perfect base for your favorite flavor! Simple, quick and easy, this healthier option is the best complement to your holiday pie.


The Wednesday Before: Prep

Now that you have all your lists and plans made, it’s time to execute. Chop all vegetables and prepare any side dishes that can be made the day before. Stop by the store for any groceries you may have forgotten. The key is to prepare as much as possible to eliminate a hectic Thanksgiving Day. Don’t forget cranberry sauce, whipped cream and butter while finalizing side dishes. Looking for the perfect twist on plain butter? Try this incredible, festive cranberry-infused butter for simple hack sure to impress your guests: Cranberry Sage Butter.


Thanksgiving Day: Enjoy!

Today is the day, and all your pre-planning has made this year streamlined, so you can enjoy the holiday with family and friends! Cook your turkey, finish any sides that must be made the day of, and have a joyful holiday season!

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