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The Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

Elena Harrington


Nov 12th, 2015


Now that you have planned the perfect Thanksgiving holiday meal, it’s time to focus on the main dish: the turkey! A traditional staple, Thanksgiving turkey is something many wait for all yearlong. This year, impress all your guests with these tips and techniques for the most delicious main course yet. From the secret to the perfect moisture-content to new cooking methods, we have everything you need to cook the most delicious, flavorful turkey this Thanksgiving!

Before considering cooking methods, it’s time to revisit an often overlooked or undervalued step—the perfect turkey brine. This Best-Ever Brine adds oranges, onions, garlic, peppercorns, maple syrup and fresh thyme to transform the classic brine. These flavors will transform your turkey this year. Bonus tip: brining is not only for Thanksgiving. Try brining your chicken breasts before baking them to add moisture and flavor to your main dishes year-round!

Now that you’ve found the Best-Ever Brine recipe, it’s time to choose a cooking method. Looking for a new, no-mess cooking solution this year? We have the perfect technique. Grill your Thanksgiving turkey this year! Watch the video below to see how you can grill the perfect turkey this holiday without the hassle!

If the holidays have you in a rush, this technique is perfect for you. Simplify your Thanksgiving Day prep with the One-Hour Turkey! Save time and have dinner prepared without the hassle this year. Watch the video below for tips and tricks to the perfect turkey in just an hour!

Now it’s time to carve your turkey. Take the guesswork out of carving your turkey correctly and watch the step-by-step tutorial below to simplify the process this year!

Now that you have different methods, tips and techniques for the perfect Thanksgiving turkey, it’s time to put the leftovers to good use! Don’t let that delicious turkey go to waste! Instead, try some delicious recipes that incorporate that leftover turkey. Light and healthy, this Apple Cranberry Slaw is the perfect post-Thanksgiving leftover recipe!


Looking for a modern twist on the classic turkey sandwich? Try this nutrient-packed Turkey Cranberry Panini for the perfect post-Thanksgiving lunch.


Happy Thanksgiving, and bon appetit!

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