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Grownup Grilled Cheese

Jessica Jarrett


Mar 25th, 2016

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Grownups rejoice! Grilled cheese sandwiches aren’t just for kids any more. From food trucks to high-end restaurants and everything in between, gourmet grilled cheese is taking over menus and the world, but hey, we aren’t complaining! The grilled cheese sandwich has barely changed since its creation in the 1920’s making it due for a major upgrade.

In honor of National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day on April 12th (Yes, it’s a real thing), we are celebrating this new favorite; the Grownup Grilled Cheese, while paying homage to the cheesy classics that came before it.

The Brie Lover’s Grilled Cheese

The Brie Lovers Grilled Cheese

Made up of mainly common household ingredients, this sweet and simple sandwich is perfect for busy weeknights or lazy Sundays. Complete with toasted walnuts, crisp apples and your favorite chutney, this unique sammy is sure to be delicious and nutritious.

The Mediterranean Grilled Cheese

The Mediterranean Grilled Cheese

Enjoy a mouthwatering spread of Mediterranean must-haves like pesto, artichoke hearts and avocado with this adult grilled cheese. You will feel like you have been magically transported to a hillside town in Greece with just one bite.

Even gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches like these can be easily prepared and enjoyed, no matter what cooking experience you have (or don’t have). Don’t believe us? Try for yourself! Create your very own grownup grilled cheese sandwich using these five tips:

  1. The cheese to bread ratio—Find a happy medium between being high enough to be good and gooey but low enough that the cheese’s calories and saturated fat don’t make you regret it later. Use 1.5 ounces of a more intensely flavored cheese, like extra sharp cheddar or Gruyere, so you can use less.
  2. The ooze factor—Use a cheese that melts well so it can ooze right into the other flavors and ingredients. If you are taking advantage of more than one type of cheese (and we hope you do!), grate them so they too can melt together.
  3. Crispy browned whole grain bread—Instead of using butter, try smart fats like extra virgin olive oil to give your grilled cheese a crispy, brown outside along with loads of monounsaturated fats and antioxidants. When looking for bread, opt for one that offers whole-wheat flour or another whole grain as the first ingredient. Then brush the oil on the bread before placing it in your nonstick skillet.
  4. Keep it simple—There is no need to add everything but the kitchen sink! Find a balance between the simplicity of the classic grilled cheese that has been melting hearts for years and the excitement of new flavors and ingredients that are sure to wow.
  5. Play with condiments and spreads— Add color and flavor to your cheesy creation with tangy mustards, savory pesto or even fancy fruit spreads. There is no limit when creating your masterpiece!

And just like that you are a grownup grilled cheese guru. For even more inspiration check out our “Grilled Cheese Guide” board on Pinterest!

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