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The Power of Protein



Apr 29th, 2016

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7 Reasons to Prioritize Protein

7 Reasons to Prioritize Protein: Main Image
A balanced diet featuring quality protein with each meal can help maintain steady energy all day
Even when protein deficiency isn't a problem, protein quality and quantity is often overlooked for everyday health. But protein isn't just important for the muscle-builders of the world. Take a look at just a few of the known impacts "protein power" appears to have on a wide range of complex health conditions:
  1. A balanced diet featuring quality protein with each meal can help maintain steady energy all day.
  2. Preliminary research has found that a high-protein diet may help keep weight off more effectively than a high-carb diet.
  3. Some studies have suggested that protein, especially from plants, may help lower blood pressure.
  4. A high-protein diet offers more control to women with a common hormonal syndrome known as polycystic ovary syndrome by providing a way to improve their health through day-to-day food choices. And...
  5. a bonus, the benefits of eating more protein and fewer carbohydrates—weight loss, blood sugar control, and reduction in abdominal fat—are all associated with better cardiovascular health.
  6. In addition to its role in creating lean muscle, preliminary research suggests that whey protein is involved in the health of many body systems, such as liver and immune function. For people looking to supplement, many forms are widely available, including pea, rice, egg, and milk (casein). Note, however, that while egg and whey proteins are relatively complete, others, like rice, would need to be combined with other proteins to provide comparable nutrition.
  7. Finally: protein, of course, is a mainstay of any weight-lifting program and can help your body preserve muscle from regular workouts.

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