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Memorial Day Burger Pro Tips

Elena Harrington


May 17th, 2016

Deconstructed Burger

Create the perfect burger for all your guests this Memorial Day! From classic burgers to vegetarian black bean burgers and more unique options like salmon and Greek-inspired burgers, we have pro tips to help you grill everyone’s favorite to perfection this holiday weekend. Read on to find out how to build the perfect burger for every taste!

Best Black Bean Burger

This Best Black Bean Burger is made with black beans, finely ground oats, scallions, garlic, and egg and crushed red pepper flakes for incredible flavor and nutrients. Mix up the menu by adding this vegetarian option to your Memorial Day menu!

Black Bean Burger

Pro Tips:

1. Make oat flour using a food processor. Simply pulse oats until they are finely ground, then measure out 3/4 cup.

2. Use a fork to mash the black beans. Using a food processor or blender will over process the beans. 

3. Get creative with burger toppings! Try using seasonal produce like sprouts or cucumber to complement this vegetarian burger.

Best Ever Beef Burger

Create the perfect classic burger this Memorial Day with this Best Ever Beef Burger recipe! From the ingredients used to optimal cooking techniques, this burger will be the perfect summer staple for your backyard barbecue.

Beef Burger

Pro Tips:

1. Use meat with a higher fat content for juicier burgers.  85 percent lean/ 15 percent fat ground beef is perfect for grilling burgers.

2. Season the burger well but simply.  Salt and pepper are all you need for the perfect flavor composition.

3. Making a dent in the center of the patties with your thumb prior to grilling to ensure even cooking.

4. Do not press down on burger while cooking to preserve the flavors.

Crazy Good Salmon Burger

Transform summer burgers this holiday with this Crazy Good Salmon Burger recipe. This unique burger is packed with light, fresh summer flavors.

Salmon Burger

Pro Tips:

1. Sprinkle fresh dill or cilantro on the finished burger to enhance the flavor.

2. Simplify grilling prep by making the burgers ahead of time! Burgers can be made and kept in the refrigerator for up to 8 hours before grilling.

3. Pair your salmon burger with a garlic or chive aioli and serve without the bun for a lighter summer burger.

Double Avocado Turkey Burger

Add a slight twist to the traditional burger with this Double Turkey Avocado Burger! Packed with heart-healthy avocado and made with turkey, this slightly different take on the classic beef burger is sure to be a family favorite at your holiday barbecue.

Turkey Avocado Burger

Pro Tips: 

1. Do not over mix the ground meat—handling it too much will leave the meat dense and tough.

2. Only flip the burger once on the grill— turning the burgers too often will create a tough, dry burger.

Grilled Greek Pita Burger

Add Greek-inspired flavors to your burger menu this holiday weekend with this Grilled Greek Pita Burger! Made with lamb and topped with kalamata olives, feta, balsamic and wrapped in pita bread, this burger is a great addition to your barbecue.

Greek Pita Burgers

Pro Tips:

1. Do not squeeze the burger during cooking, as the flavor will be squeezed out in the process.

2.  Form the burgers into oblong shapes rather than round patties so they will fit into the pitas.

For more holiday inspiration, visit our Patriotic Parties Pinterest board!

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