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5 Ways to Create the Perfect Signature Spa Water

Elena Harrington


Jul 8th, 2016

Infused water with sliced lemon, mint and raspberry

Optimal hydration is vital to overall health, but it can be difficult to ensure you are getting enough water each day. From spa water to wellness water, infused water and detox water, adding fresh produce, herbs and spices to water is a simple way to make drinking more water delicious. Read on for five ways to create the perfect Signature spa water customized to your taste, and also discover four incredible Sparkling Signature Spa Water recipes that are perfect for your next summer party!

Step 1: Select the Base

Sparkling Water copy

To create your own Signature spa water, begin with your favorite base. Keep it simple with still water or mix it up with other creative options! Try all of these bases for a variety of refreshing options to refresh, detox and hydrate.

Still water is the original wellness water base. It is a simple way to hydrate, detox and refresh.

For a slight twist on still water, try our Signature Select™ Italian Sparkling Water for a refreshing summer infused water with a hint of carbonation (this is a great healthy alternative to soda). Use sparkling water for a refreshing “mocktail” everyone will enjoy.  

Pack your infused water with natural electrolytes by using coconut water as the base. This is perfect for rejuvenating post-workout hydration.

For an antioxidant-packed Signature spa water, use tea as the base. From green tea to herbal tea, there are endless varieties that add extra nutrients with light, refreshing flavor.

Step 2: Pick Produce

Lemon, Cucumber, Strawberry

Next, select your favorite produce to infuse in your spa water. Try classic favorites like lemon and cucumber, but also try mixing it up with additional options. Berries, stone fruits and melons are also flavorful, nutrient-packed options.

For best results, select 2 to 3 of your favorite produce options and allow them to infuse, refrigerated, for a couple hours or overnight. This allows the water to fully infuse and absorb the flavors of the produce.

Step 3: Add Herbs


After selecting your favorite produce to incorporate into your water, add fresh herbs! From mint to rosemary, basil, parsley and thyme, shop for your favorites to add refreshing flavor to your favorite spa water combinations.

Step 4: Incorporate Spices


To add additional flavor and nutrients to your spa water, incorporate spices! Cinnamon is known to aid blood sugar levels. Try adding a cinnamon stick to your favorite spa water recipe to mix up the flavor composition and add additional health benefits.  

Known for a variety of health benefits, try adding ginger, cayenne or turmeric to infused water to help flush toxins and aid digestion. These spices not only have health properties, but will also add unique, spicy flavors to your favorite waters!

Step 5: Add a Boost

Chia Seeds

Try adding a final ingredient with a dose of flavor for the finishing touch on your favorite, customized Signature spa water. To add a hint of sweetness, add honey or agave. To aid digestion, try adding a bit of apple cider vinegar. For a dose of fiber and Omega-3s, add chia seeds. These finishing options will complete your personalized Signature spa water.

There are endless options and ingredients to build your own Signature spa water! From the base water to produce, herbs, spices and final add-ins, experiment with your favorite combinations to create your own customized signature water!

If there are a variety of spa water combinations you want to try, use mason jars to create small batches of infused water. This allows you to try a diversity of different flavor combinations so you can find your favorites. This is also fun for parties. Set up a mason jar station and a bar of different ingredients so everyone can create their own Signature spa water to enjoy!

Sparkling Signature Spa Water Recipes

Make a large batch of spa water for your next gathering or event, or just to have to sip on throughout the week. Try our Sparkling Signature Spa Water recipes for a delicious infused water treat. These recipes present beautifully and are the perfect refreshment to serve at your next party or event! Simply serve in your favorite glasses for a lovely display.

Cucumber Basil Delight

Strawberry Water

Watermelon Hydrator

Watermelon Water

Blackberry Mojito Sparkler

Blackberry Water

Peach Pick-Me-Up

Peach Water

For more summer recipe inspiration, visit our Pinterest page!

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  1. Addie 13/07/2016 at 6:42 am

    They all sound yummy to try.

  2. Gloria 13/07/2016 at 10:41 am

    What a wonderful idea. They are all so healthy and all can find one they like. Thank you ACME for ideas on healthy drinks.

  3. Dave Midgett 01/08/2016 at 8:14 am

    Instead of spending the entire time talking, you’ll turn the interview into a dialogue and mix in some questions

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