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4 Healthy After-School Snacking Alternatives

Jessica Jarrett


Aug 8th, 2016

Trail mix

From homework and soccer practice to playdates and piano lessons, afternoons are anything but simple. With such a busy schedule, it can be difficult to pass on the potato chips, especially with the kids around! Luckily, these four recipes will make healthy after-school snacking a bit easier. When you or the little ones are craving your favorite fattening foods, reach for these healthier alternatives instead!

When You’re Craving Potato Chips, try this Lemon-Garlic Kale Crisp recipe. Made in just 30 minutes, this baked, Mediterranean-inspired snack is the perfect way to sneak veggies into your kids’ diets. Seasoned with kitchen staples like extra virgin olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper, they could not be easier to make. As a so-called “superfood,” kale is the perfect guilt-free, afternoon snack!

Kale chips

When You’re Craving Carbs, reach for some Sriracha and Lime Popcorn! This salty and tangy snack is the perfect treat for a mid-week movie night. At only 80 calories per serving, you can munch on this tasty snack while enjoying your family’s favorite movie or TV show, without worrying about your waistline. The best part about this recipe? It only calls for five ingredients!

sriracha lime popcorn

When You’re Craving Chocolate, get your fix with a handful of this Study Snack Trail Mix! Filled with walnuts, almonds, dried fruit and dark chocolate chunks, this snack is perfectly salty and slightly sweet. Not to mention, it’s packed with protein to help you get over any afternoon lulls. All you have to do is throw the ingredients in a bowl and toss together. Store the snack in a sealed mason jar to make the trail mix last longer or to easily take it on-the-go while running between after-school activities.

trail mix

When You’re Craving Candy, snack on Tropical “Unkettled” Popcorn instead! Throw this sweet treat together in just 20 minutes for a healthier alternative to your favorite sugary snacks. Full of honey accents, coconut flakes and ginger flavors, this tropical recipe will make you feel like you are sunbathing on a remote beach in no time. Mixed with dried fruit and macadamia nuts, this sweet popcorn mix is filling and will satisfy your sweet tooth! Soon, the kids will be begging for this simple popcorn recipe instead of their favorite candy— a major victory in our book!

kettle popcorn

For more healthy snacking tips, check out our Pinterest page. Happy snacking!

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