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Let’s Kick Hunger!



Apr 6th, 2018

Kick Hunger Blog

Did you know that nearly 49 million Americans struggle to put food on their tables? Join us in the fight to help Kick Hunger. In partnering with the Philadelphia Eagles and the Coalition Against Hunger, we will be selling pre-made bags of food for $10 at each of our stores from April 6th – May 3rd. The bags will contain healthy eating options that are crucial to help families live their lives with one less worry. All bags of food purchased, will be donated to local food banks across the area. The Kick Hunger campaign will start in stores as well as during the Walk Against Hunger on April 21st at Lincoln Financial Field. For more information and to register for the walk visit


More about the Coalition Against Hunger
Their Mission: Founded in 1996, the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger strives to build a community where all people have the food they need to lead healthy lives. The Coalition connects people with food assistance programs and nutrition education; provides resources to a network of food pantries; and educates the public and policymakers about responsible solutions that prevent people from going hungry. For more information visit:

2 Responses to Let’s Kick Hunger!

  1. Lourdise Brown-Taylor 25/10/2018 at 3:07 pm

    Hello I am trying to find out additional information so that my church can receive donations to feed children and their families in the area. We currently have an after school program and youth alive ministries. Also the holidays are coming up and we would like to be a blessings to these families to help them feed their children.

    • Customer Support 25/10/2018 at 8:05 pm

      We appreciate you for taking time to reach out to us with your request for a charitable donation, Lourdise. All donation requests must be submitted through our Foundation website here: Just be sure to click the link labeled ‘Get Funded’ at the top of the screen to get started! -Jeremy

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