Jet Fresh Seafood

On select Fridays, we will be featuring a NEW seafood item that will be flown in fresh. Once it’s gone, it’s GONE so you’ll have to hurry in to make sure you can catch it. Along with each new item that comes in, there will be a recipe that goes along with it and details of the fish. You can find all the recipes on our Blog: Fresh Pressed under the Jet Fresh Seafood category or by clicking here: Jet Fresh Seafood Blog 



Sustainable Seafood

Our, neighbors, communities, and the world we live in, mean a great deal to ACME – we strive to be a responsible steward of them all. ACME provides quality food by supporting sustainable practices for our environment. Where we can, we source products from local growers and providers. As we monitor global food sustainability issues, predominantly in regards to responsible fishing in our oceans, we make assortment decisions in the seafood we offer. Our decisions involve the use of Wild Caught and Farm-Raised seafood.

  • Wild-caught seafood is caught from wild sources such as oceans, lakes and rivers.
  • Farm-raised seafood, also known as “Aquaculture” is a practice in which farmers raise freshwater and saltwater fish in enclosed, sustainable tanks.

We use the same resources that are available to you – like www.nmfs.noaa.gove/fishwatch and those of our vendor partners to help make responsible choices that are good for our planet’s oceans.


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