Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Responsibility, Sustainability & Community

At ACME, taking care of our neighbors and the communities in which we operate means a great deal. That philosophy extends far beyond the city limits and state lines of our operating areas.   We know that it’s not just about living here – it’s about making responsible choices and decisions, and offering what our customers want. It’s a simple philosophy, and it works.


Creating Sustainable Practices for Recycling

ACME stores and distribution centers have been recycling plastic and cardboard, and  we have proudly hosted community plastic recycling bins in our stores.  We encourage customers to use reusable bags, and we also make paper and plastic bags available for customers who prefer them – we take care to do what the customer wants.


Supporting Sustainable Food Supplies

Our responsibility toward the foods we provide also extends into supporting sustainable food practices in ways that helps our local economies as well as the environment. Where we can, we source products from local growers and providers. And as we monitor global food sustainability issues, which at this time is mostly in regard to responsibly fishing our oceans, we make assortment decisions in the seafood we offer. We use the same resources that are available to you – like – and those of our vendor partners to help make responsible choices that are good for our planet’s oceans.


Our neighbors, communities and the world we live in mean a great deal to ACME stores – we strive to be a responsible steward of them all.

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